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We provide a variety of systematic training programs to help employees have
the required ability for positions, leadership, work capabilities and global mind.

Training for New Employees

  • Orientation
  • Oil Refining
    Industry OJT
  • HHI Group
    Training Camp
  • Mentor Program
  • Overseas
  • Staff Jump-up


It is composed of 2 weeks of Group Training and 3 weeks of Individual Training. Group Training offers a chance to learn about Hyundai Spirit, ‘Strong Drive, Creative Foreknowledge, Enthusiastic Will’ and bond with other colleagues through team building programs. Individual Training helps new employees learn required capabilities of Hyundai and SHELL Base Oil employees. It includes orientation on positioning, work and roles of each team by ‘Value Chain’ of the oil refining industry and site trips throughout the company. New employees will be assigned to teams once they finish the orientation education. We also help them to stably adapt to the workplace through OJT.

Oil Refining Industry OJT

Online training courses provide basic information that employees in the oil refining industry must know. It helps employees to better understand the company by learning actual circumstances of oil refining business such as Crude oil importation, Production process, Equipment and facilities of the oil refining plant, Logistics, Domestic sales , Export strategies and many more.

HHI Group Summer Training Camp

New employees of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group can experience team spirit and pride as part of the family of Hyundai at the Corporate Summer Training Camp the following year. It is an opportunity to reflect their first year as members of HHI group, set the vision for the future and take a big step for the new stage.

Mentor Program

New employees are matched up with senior employees to do various activities together for 4 months. New employees can benefit from learning social skills and expanding their network within the company from the seniors. New employees use this program to get advice for work troubles or their career paths for the future.

Overseas independent Training

This is a Global Talent Support program. Sophomore employees get to team up and plan everything on their oown, including itinerary and budget, and leave for overseas countries. Overseas Independence Program is a valuable chance to improve global ability, planning ability, problem-solving ability and responsibility. It also gives an opportunity to bond with other colleagues.

Staff Jump-up

Employees learn to understand the importance of followership and improve their ability to become the trusted follower. This course helps employees to jump up by offering effective communication strategies, independent problem-analyzing/solving ability and planning ability.

Training for Experts

Graduate School Sponsor

For work expertise reinforcement, we sponsor MBA and the Master’s course for Graduate School of Science and Technology. Professional job competency play a key roles in improving Hyundai and SHELL Base Oil to be the global energy company.

Certification Sponsor

For ability development in work fields, we strongly encourage and support employees to get certified in various fields including Certificate of Technical Qualification, CPA, Tax Accounting, CPLA and more.

Global Talent Courses

Language Course

We opened language courses to help employees improve their language skills. Not only that, we support costs for courses from outside institutions as well including Phone English Classes or Language School Classes. We support our employees to become global leaders by learning not only English but other languages as as well, such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese and many more.

Global Leader Course

Managers can apply for ‘Global Leader’, an overseas training program that allows employees to go backpacking for 1 month. Selected candidates can choose a country and time to explore freely and enjoy a chance to build their global capabilities based on new experiences.

Engineer Overseas Training

Engineers are given opportunities to learn advanced technology through Training Courses and Overseas Global Corporate Programs such as UOP or ASPENTECH. In addition, we encourage engineers to participate in all kinds of academic conferences and seminars.

Leadership Reinforcement

Leadership Course

There is a group of training programs for leadership improvement and required capabilities that all members of Hyundai and SHELL Base Oil should have. Leadership within the organization can be reinforced in stages through diverse programs including the Leadership Course for Team Leaders, the Promotion Training Course, capability Reinforcement for all positions and more.

Culture Course

There are culture courses to support employees to become leaders with knowledge. This course is lectured by outside specialists to provide knowledge and intelligence in other areas aside from work such as humanities, economics and art.