Body view



‘Creative Doer’ who has ability
to create and practice value
that an organization seeks for,
is the ideal employee

Passionate Doer that reaches for the highest

Doer full of passion and challenges is the one who leads company development. Bold pioneer spirit, Passion for customer satisfaction, strict professionalism and responsibility, and Strong initiative create better value not only for oneself but also for the company as a whole.

Doer that changes the world

Doer with pleasant imagination and creative action creates positive change and a better tomorrow. Broad experience and learning, insight ahead of others and opened mind, Courage that inspires others are the core factors that lead to innovation and a better future.

Trustworthy and Honest Doer

Doer with respect and consideration for others, open to communication, building trust through right and honest action. Trustworthy and honest doer also embrace diversity without prejudice and act fairly and honestly, that act as sources of strong trust from colleagues, neighbors and society.