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Integrated Environment Management System

We use the Integrated Environment Management System to minimize environment pollution caused by production. We have obtained ISO14001 (International Standard on Environmental Management System) of the International Standard Organization and systemically manage training materials and data on air, water quality, waste and chemicals.

Preliminary Environment Assessment

Assess the possible impact of all business activities on the environment in advance and seek for the proper measure

Environmental Goal Management and Announcement

Set the environmental goal and make a public announcement. Conduct periodic review and inspection on the performance

Compliance with Environment Management Regulation

International Convention on Environment, Domestic Environmental Law, Compliance with Corporate Environment Management Regulation

Environment Pollution Prevention

Establish corporate environmental goal and improvement plan. Promote environment pollution prevention through continuous process improvement and enforcement of control ability

Sustainable Training

Conduct continuous training and motivate employees to encourage them to fulfill their responsibility on environment protection at workplace

Environment Investment

We have brought in the finest control facilities to minimize the generation of pollutants within the workplace. We continuously invest in environmental conservation business such as LDAR (Leak Detection & Repair) for decreasing the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that occurs at arsenic acid discharge facilities such as pump and valve, VRU (Vapor Recovery Unit) for consignment facilities, processing drain sealing job and more.

Climate Change Response

We are currently operating “Greenhouse Gas Reduction” activities to minimize the emission of greenhouse gas including energy management by basic unit, process improvement, waste heat recovery, operation method improvement and more. We also try to take the lead in the Low Carbon Society Realization by joining the Green Growth Policy of the government such as the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Registration Business, the Energy Goal Management System and the Emission Trading System.

Environment Inspection / Environmental Initiative Council

We have an internal Environmental Initiative Council and Regular Environment Inspection to prevent environmental accidents through company-wide environment risk precaution and removal, and to minimize the damage in case of any accident.


Gas Station under Direct Management,
Distribution Center, Safety Production Division
Discover Environmental Risk through Pre-inspection
Check compliance with Environmental Law,
Regulations and Guidelines Check the Facility Management Condition

Initiative Council

Sales Headquarter, Safety Production Division Environment Investment Planning, Performance Result Review
Monitor density of Pollutant Discharge per Discharge Facilities
Share Revision of Major Regulations

Emergency Response

We operate a Chemical Accident Safety Support Group in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and companies nearby Daesan Industrial Complex to promptly respond and minimize environmental damage in case of any chemical accidents. We also prepare an Emergency Response Manual to improve internal control and carry out prevention drills according to the annual training plan scenario.

Energy Management

We make our utmost effort to set energy management as the core task in all business areas and to reach the goal of greenhouse gas and energy reduction.

Sustainable Energy Performance Improvement

Build vision and strategies for energy management. Promote Sustainable Energy Performance Improvement using all means to increase efficiency

Energy Goal Setting and Achievement

Establish the Energy Management Goal based on vision and strategy. Achieve the goal by inputting all information and resources

Compliance with Energy Management Regulations

Identify and comply with all regulations related to energy including domestic Acts and subordinate statues, international convention, agreement with customers, and voluntary agreements.

Energy Review

Conduct energy reviews to improve energy performance and efficiency in the process of designing and purchasing facilities, equipment, product and services that use energy, and apply the results to decision making.

Continuous Training

Maintain top-class corporate culture of energy management and organization capacity through continuous awareness campaigns and training for all employees.