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Hyundai and Shell Base Oil is establishing ethical corporate culture through transparent management and continuous innovation. We are devoted to building the company that shareholders want to invest in, that employees wish to work for and fulfills responsibilities to society and the nation.

Admired Global Leader

Clean company, Honest company, Transparent company

Responsibilities for our
Customers and Partners

Customer Value

Fair Trade

Pursuit of Mutual

Responsibilities for
the Nation and Society

Compliance with Domestic
and International Laws

Contribution to Development
of the Nation and Society

Responsibilities for
Shareholders and

Maximization of Shareholder Value

Safe Work Environment that respects employees

Basic Ethics of

Fair Performance of Duties

Respect Mutual Trust

Compliance with Work Ethics

There are various action programs in accordance with Ethics Charter, Ethics Standards, Ethical Management Guidelines and more. For works that require strict ethics, additional Ethical Standards for Specific Work are applied.
Ethics Charter, Ethics Standards, Work Ethics Guidelines, Ethical Management Practice Program Ethical Standards for Specific Work, Ethical Standards for Partners Training, PR

You can find details of each standard at the website of
HHI GROUP Ethical Management.

Visit Ethics hompage