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Full of Love, Hope and Energy!

All employees have come together with their hearts in order to deliver social contribution activities.
‘Full of Love, Hope and Energy!’ is the desire of Hyundai Oilbank to be the company that gives hope to children and youth,
lives together with the minority and protects nature.

Core Work

  • Voluntary work

    Hyundai Oilbank employees currently participate in voluntary work activities for more than 5,000 hours at least twice a year. We give a true meaning to such work by supporting organizations according to the hours of our employees’ voluntary work. We are reaching out to those in need of our help through various programs including “7 Color Rainbow Family Voluntary Group”, “One Heart Voluntary Work Festival” and other team activities. Hyundai Oilbank donates 10,000 won per voluntary hour as a matching grant to encourage employees and their families to actively participate.

  • Public / Support Business

    We are currently taking part in such events as “Community Chest of Korea” to make a donation for neighbors in need along with Hyundai Heavy Industries Group. As a joint project in the oil refining industry we have put together 100 billion KRW of Special Funds, to support the energy minority group and spread the healthy culture of energy consumption. In sisterhood ties with the Yeonpyeong Marin Corps Troops, we host various Consolation Events annually and award scholarships to children of small truck drivers and more.

  • Employment of the Disabled for a Car Wash

    Hyundai Oilbank has partnered with Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled since 2003 and hired people with mental disorders for the car washes at gas stations under our direct management. There are a total of 21 people with disadvantages who have been working more than a decade in 13 gas stations throughout the nation. We also host Family Events on every National Disabled Persons Day to celebrate and to provide a chance to make precious memories with their families. We are committed to supporting the independence of the disabled by continuously providing stable jobs.

  • Social Contribution for Local Community

    There are various activities in action for working with the local community in Seosan, Chungnam where our headquarters are located. We have been supporting for the increase of farmers’ income and independence of the rural economy by purchasing Seosan Rice since 2003. We are also releasing rockfish in Samgilpo Port annually to build the nation’s finest rockfish distribution center. Hyundai Oilbank Scholarship Foundation founded in 2003 delivers 50 million won to students in need every year, and opens University Admission Orientation to provide useful information to students and their parents.

  • Hyundai Oilbank 1% Nanum Foundation

    Launched in 2012 for the first time among major corporations in Korea, Hyundai Oilbank 1% Nanum Foundation finances itself from part of the employees’ monthly salary. Besides employees who practice their own charity activities, practically all employees are in this project together. An average of 1.5 billion won per year is given to the foundation. Making the best use of such funds, the foundation is actively engaging in many charitiy works including ‘Lunch Room’ that serves lunch every day to the elderly in need, ‘Heating Oil of Love’ that provides heating oil to the low-income families and welfare facilities during winter and ‘Overseas School Support Business’ for underdeveloped countries.

    1% Nanum Foundation

  • Symbol mark

    With smiling faces looking at each other as motivation,
    “Full of Love, Hope and Energy!” shows the desire of Hyundai Oilbank in those brightly smiling faces to create a ‘Bright Society’ through volunteer work within society.